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Six Powerful Features In One Handy Device

Emergency Window Breaker

CrashSafe has a patented metal pin hidden in the tip of the cigarette lighter plug that will smash through any car window with one strike in case of fire or drowning.

Emergency Seat Belt Cutter

Use CrashSafe to save yourself and others after an accident by easily cutting seat belts in case of malfunction.

Flashing Emergency Beacon

When stranded, use CrashSafe's powerful emergency red flashing light to signal for help or warn other drivers from striking your vehicle.

Ultra-Bright LED Flashlight

CrashSafe's powerful torch lasts up to 4 hours and will help you in nighttime emergencies in case your car breaks down in the middle of the night and you need to repair your car or walk to safety.

12-24V USB Car Charger

Keep CrashSafe plugged into your car's cigarette lighter outlet (12v power port) and use the USB charging port to quickly power your mobile phone or other devices on the road.

2200mAh Power Bank

Remove CrashSafe from your cigarette lighter outlet (12v power port) and use it as a portable charger. The 2200mAh lithium battery stores enough power to give your phone up to a 100% charge in stranded situations.

Protect Your Loved Ones With CrashSafe

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